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Medical, Surgical and Cosmetic

We at LUX Dermatology understand the complexities of your skin. Whether you are concerned about the health or appearance of your skin, we have a treatment for you. Call for your consultation today.



Medical Dermatology

From Blemishes To Moles And Rashes, Our Dermatologists Enhance Your Skin.

Our Dermatologists, along with our caring staff, offer individual care and attention. Our practice incorporates the latest clinical knowledge and treatments to create an effective therapy for you. As a patient, you truly deserve to have your skin condition treated by experts. At LUX Dermatology your care will be tailored to your needs and diagnoses.

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Blake Conover, 35
Las Vegas, NV

“Friendly staff and great communication/follow up. Two thumbs up!”

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Surgical Dermatology

Some Conditions Require Surgical Intervention. Our Skilled Staff Offers Mohs Surgery And Electronic Brachytherapy Treatment (EBT) For Skin Cancers

LUX Dermatology believes that skin checks are vital. Early diagnosis is the key to remove any and all of the skin cancers. The American Academy of Dermatology states 1 in 5 individuals are likely to get skin cancer. However, cure rates can approach 99% if discovered and treated early. Don’t wait, schedule your appointment today!

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Cosmetic Dermatology

Trust A Team That Cares About Your Skin As Much As You Do.

LUX Dermatology will help to reveal your true beauty with proper skin care. We understand the appearance of your skin affects how you feel about the way you look and how people see you. Our team of physicians and clinicians are waiting to help you gain the look you desire. Call our office and book an appointment.

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