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What Can My Child Expect at Their Dermatology Appointment?

What Can My Child Expect at Their Dermatology Appointment?

Your child deserves the best. That includes specialized care from understanding medical professionals who will help them feel comfortable during their appointments.

You’ve probably taken the time to find a good pediatrician who delivers on all of the above. But when it comes to your son or daughter’s skin, you want them to get top-quality treatment for any issues, too — and that comes from a pediatric dermatologist. 

At our LUX Dermatology offices throughout California and Nevada, you’ll find a team of dermatologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating pediatric conditions while delivering comfortable care. 

If you’re curious about pediatric dermatology or what to expect, you’ve come to the right place. First, here’s a basic overview of pediatric dermatology and how it works at our offices. 

Why kids need specialized care for their skin

At LUX Dermatology, we’ve chosen to bring pediatric dermatologists on staff for a number of reasons. First, some skin conditions present differently in children and adolescents than in adults. Take pediatric psoriasis as an example. 

Additionally, many kids need a caring and compassionate dermatologist to get an accurate diagnosis. For starters, some children might not have the vocabulary to fully describe what they’re feeling or how they’ve seen their skin change. Secondly, if their dermatologist isn’t patient and kind, many kids get shy, further limiting effectiveness in their communication.

Fortunately, our pediatric dermatologists are trained in identifying skin conditions as they exhibit in children, and they relate to kids in a warm, friendly bedside manner. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide the best experience possible for your daughter or son while also delivering an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. 

What most appointments look like

When you make an appointment at LUX Dermatology, we aim to make you and your child feel comfortable from the moment you walk through our doors. Our waiting area is bright and welcoming, and our team will be there to greet you. 

When you meet with your pediatric dermatologist, everything starts with a conversation. Both you and your child will have the opportunity to share the reason you’re here and any concerns. You can also ask questions so your pediatric dermatology specialist can answer them. 

If you’re there for unexplained symptoms, we start the diagnosis process. We have equipment that’s specially sized for smaller bodies, so everything will be as comfortable as possible for your child.

If you’re there for a known condition, we get straight to work developing a personalized treatment plan for your child. After a thorough evaluation to ensure we’re delivering the most targeted, effective treatment(s) possible, we talk with you about what we think will work best. 

That might include prescription medications, lifestyle changes, and/or in-office treatment. Both you and your son or daughter can ask any questions you have about our recommendations to make sure it feels like a good fit.

Ultimately, our pediatric dermatologists work hard to blend top-quality medical treatment with warm and welcoming care. If you want to talk more with us about what to expect or you’re ready to schedule your child’s dermatology appointment, call one of our offices in California or Nevada or schedule an appointment by booking online today. 

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