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National Skincare Awareness Month: Four Lifestyle Habits That Make Acne Worse

National Skincare Awareness Month: Four Lifestyle Habits That Make Acne Worse

Whether you always seem to get a random blemish at the worst time or you deal with continual breakouts, you probably wish you had a way to get clearer skin. Here’s the thing: You do. While lifestyle changes might not get you all the way to 100% acne-free skin, they can make a big difference in the way you look and feel. 

That’s why our team at LUX Dermatology often recommends lifestyle changes in addition to acne-clearing options like topical medication, laser treatments, and chemical peels. If you want clearer skin, don’t hesitate to visit our team at one of our offices throughout California and Nevada. 

There, we can tailor a personalized acne treatment program to move you toward your skin goals. That plan might include breaking one of these four potentially game-changing lifestyle habits. 

#1: Picking at your acne

If your acne bothers you, you’re probably aware of each new blemish essentially from the moment it arises. You might have the urge to pick at it or pop it, especially when you have a visible whitehead. Your involvement, though, actually makes it harder to get blemish-free skin. 

When you pick at your skin, you create lesions that your body then needs to heal. What’s more, you potentially push the bacteria in the blemish deeper into your skin. Ultimately, if you want smooth, clear skin, keep those hands off your face. 

#2: Washing or scrubbing too much

When you’re dealing with breakouts, it’s tempting to want to keep your skin squeaky clean. While a good skin care routine makes a big difference, washing your face too much can irritate and dry out your skin, contributing to more acne.

Similarly, scrubbing your skin can cause inflammation that worsens breakouts. 

#3: Not managing your stress

Life gets stressful sometimes. That said, if you don’t do anything to try to alleviate your stress and help your system find some calm, you’re more likely to deal with persistent acne. 

Make stress management a part of your lifestyle. Breathing techniques, time in nature, and yoga can all help here. So can learning to say no to things that would overburden you. 

Ultimately, stress plays a big role in your overall wellness, not just your skin. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change to help your skin, this one is well worth exploring. 

#4: Not being thoughtful about your makeup

If breakouts bother you, you probably use concealer. The makeup itself isn’t the problem, but some of your lifestyle habits might be. 

You should:

Getting clear skin usually requires targeted treatment paired with lifestyle changes. To start on the path toward your ideal skin, call one of our offices in California or Nevada, or book a visit online today.

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