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Help for Your Child's Eczema

Help for Your Child's Eczema

Children’s skin is sensitive. In fact, most parents will deal with an unexplained rash or itching from an unknown source at some point. But if that itchy rash persists, your child could be living with eczema. 

When your child lives with dry, red, itchy skin, it can be torture as a parent. Fortunately, we can help. As specialists in both eczema and pediatric dermatologyour team at LUX Dermatology is uniquely positioned to help your child’s eczema. Plus, with our offices throughout California and Nevada, we can make the visit convenient and comfortable for both you and your child. 

Understanding eczema in kids

As with adults, eczema can take many forms. We don’t know exactly what causes this uncomfortable skin condition, but we do know things that can help to bring your child relief.

The good news is that some kids grow out of their eczema around age 5 or 6. Still, though, you don’t want to spend years watching your child suffer. Fortunately, with modifications at home and tailored eczema care, you can reduce the frequency and severity of their flare-ups. 

Changes you can make at home

To help your child get relief right away, we rounded up some changes you can start making today:

You can also help your child by watching for things that trigger their flare-ups. That could be exposure to an allergen (like pet dander) or an irritant (like cigarette smoke). 

Eczema treatments for children

While these measures can go a long way, most kids with eczema see more relief with targeted treatment. Here at LUX Dermatology, our team personalizes a plan for your child and their unique skin. 

That treatment plan might include:

We partner with you to help your child get as much relief as possible. We can also keep working with your child through the years as their skin changes, such as during puberty, to keep their flare-ups to a minimum.

To get started with a tailored eczema care plan for your child, call one of our offices in California or Nevada, or book a visit online today. 

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