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Are Warts Dangerous to My Health?

Are Warts Dangerous to My Health?

Any kind of unusual growth on your body is enough to give you pause. But if you get a wart, you don’t need to panic. Warts are noncancerous growths that aren’t dangerous to your health in and of themselves. That said, some wart characteristics can warrant a trip to the dermatologist.

Here at our LUX Dermatology offices throughout California and Nevada, our team of dermatologists specializes in wart identification and treatment. We’re here to make sure your wart isn’t a sign of anything else potentially problematic. At the same time, we can apply the proper treatment to get rid of your wart. 

When warts warrant a doctor’s visit

Because warts are benign growths, they don’t inherently pose a risk. But they can be a sign that something is wrong. 

Specifically, human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus that causes warts, can also cause cancer. If your warts have unusual characteristics, that could be a sign that the HPV is causing bigger problems in your system.

Come see our team of dermatological experts if your wart:

Even if your wart doesn’t do any of the above, you may want to have it removed. Fortunately, our team specializes in eradicating all types of warts. 

Treating warts

Some warts will go away on their own. If your wart isn’t displaying any of the issues we just outlined, you can keep an eye on it at home for a couple of weeks to see if it shrinks.

If it doesn’t — or if you’re just ready to be done with it — our LUX Dermatology team offers a variety treatments. Depending on the type of wart you have and its size and location, we might recommend:

Talk with our team and we can recommend the right wart treatment for you. 

Warts on kids

Children are more likely to develop warts than adults. Fortunately, now you know that any warts your child develops aren’t a cause for concern. They are worth monitoring, though.

If the wart exhibits any of the characteristics we outlined above — or if you’d simply like to explore wart removal for your child — our team of pediatric dermatology specialists can help. 

To have one of our experts evaluate or treat a wart, call one of our offices in California or Nevada, or book your visit online today. 

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